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    Industrial Services


    Robosoft®, can provide and maintain reporting systems and IT solutions for all industrial systems for such industries as food processing, water treatment, energy, etc. You can control all types of production processes with our software.

    Robosoft® is a solution partner that develops custom reporting and SCADA applications. The SCADA solutions developed by Robosoft®, are compatible with a variety of systems, including web, mobile OS, and Windows. They provide special reporting tools. Robosoft®, a Microsoft® partner, uses the latest Microsoft® products in its projects. RBS Report® can collect data from any type of industrial system. You can record time-based data from tags at any time.


    - Installation of automation systems for collecting data

    - Renewable Energy reporting applications

    - Energy billing applications

    - Reporting applications for food sector

    - Reporting and IT applications of PLC, DCS systems

    - iPad, iPhone, Android tracking and reporting

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