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    Cloud Data Acquisition and Reporting

    Cloud Data Acquisition and Reporting

    You can update any production efficiency analyses over the Internet simply by uploading information from the sensors that you have installed in your factory. Our company maintains all of the maintenance systems, so you do not have to perform database backups or other maintenance operations. You can benefit from these systems anywhere that you have access to a high speed Internet connection. Since our SCADA and reporting systems function in the cloud, you can monitor data using your iPhone, iPad and the web SCADA interface. You can also view your production reports from anywhere in the world by connecting to the cloud database via reporting interfaces. Our software is completely integrated with the Windows Azure® operating system, which was developed by Microsoft®. In addition, our software is fully compatible with IIoT sensors.

    Our company closely follows Industry 4.0 system guidelines. We develop elective, low maintenance systems, and we manage these systems.

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