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    iPad/iPhone SCADA

    iPad/iPhone SCADA

    Robosoft® develops iPhone and iPad SCADA applications for industrial facilities that can operate across intranets and the Internet. The software, which is based on Modbus®, Siemens®, and Ethernet IP®, can monitor any data and send notifications and trend details to your iPhone or iPad. In addition, you can transmit your system data as SMS messages, Excel® and PDF files using other Internet-based applications. You can monitor your system from anywhere via the developed SCADA interface.

    You can control all of your in-house systems using interfaces that can be deployed at your facility. In particular, we allow you to measure the productivity of your system using monitoring, reporting, and trend visualization tools for the energy market, regardless of whether you are connected to wireless networks inside the factory or through 4G cellular networks outside of it. In addition, information security can be provided on request using various applications that are secured with password protection. In addition, you can view data in detail using the pinch-zoom functionality that is provided through your iPad.

    Fields of Use

    - Home automation and lighting systems
    -Industrial systems
    - Energy facilities
    -Chemical plants


    iPad/iPhone SCADA


    23 March 2024


    PHP,MySQL,CSS 3.0,HTML 5,JSON,iOS,Android,OPC DA


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