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    Industrial Reporting

    Industrial Reporting

    RBS Report®, industrial Excel® and Trend reporting program for WINCC®, WONDERWARE®, INDUSOFT®, etc. You can design and create your own Excel® reports, which is something that other SCADA packages cannot do. RBSReport® is basically an OPC Client application, and it can connect to any OPC Server while recording tag values to MS SQL Server®. It supports efficient reporting through the use of Excel® software, which is widely supported across the entire industry and the world. Our clients include such major automation application companies as SIEMENS®, EMERSON®, and HONEYWELL®.

    Our solutions support historical, daily, and annual data reporting and automatic e-mail functionalities. In addition, they allow you to display all your analog values as trends. 

    RBS Report Applications

    - Ability to weigh and scale reports
    - Reporting capabilities for the food sector
    - Reporting capabilities for tank level measurement
    - Wastewater and water treatment plant reporting
    - Reporting for concrete plants
    - Energy sector reporting
    - Reporting for building automation
    - Industrial application reporting.


    Industrial Reporting


    23 March 2012


    Microsoft® .net,VB.net,C#,MS SQL Server,OPC DA


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