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    Factory Data Acquisition

    Factory Data Acquisition

    You can update any production efficiency analysis over the Internet simply by uploading information from the sensors that you have installed in your factory. For example: you can keep such information as the number of presses of a press machine, production intervals per second, and the number of break downs over a particular period of time thus, thus allowing you to measure the efficiency.

    The most important feature of the RBS Report® software is that it can integrate data from energy analysers and necessary formulas. It can calculate the energy cost on a per-product basis. It can be integrated with MS SQL Server® and provide web-based reporting, ERP integration and specially developed modules so that you can create a completely digital factory.

    We use world-class hardware for our systems. This choice may seem at first to come with certain disadvantages for some companies, but out solutions allow you to come out ahead in the future in terms of maintenance costs and the ability to take advantage of technological upgrades. If you consider that you are not locked into a brand, then it can be a real advantage. Our company does not leave its customers to the mercy of their own devices. Our software works without brand restrictions, and it interoperates with the other top tier software.

    We have testimonials from foreign companies that have implemented our systems and increased their efficiency by 21% thanks to them.

    Data collection systems for PLC and SCADA.

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